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Live streaming ADs with 5centsCDN

We are happy to announce the AD module for live streaming. Guess what no monthly charges during the beta stage. AD module will enable you to insert in-stream ADs like pre-roll, timed interval and dynamic ADs based on a specific time.

  • Pre-roll is a simple format, the AD is played before live streaming whenever the viewer plays the live streams
  • Timed interval ADs are inserted every X minutes or hours etc. Let’s say AD video is played in-stream every 2 minutes
  • Dynamic ADs are inserted during a certain time slot, this is helpful for TV channels who can replace their ADs will more region-specific ADs.

We can detect viewer location and insert an AD based on policy set by you. For instance, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada a viewer from Edmonton will be player AD1, were ad Toronto, Ontario, Canada a viewer Toronto will be player AD2.

Replace your regular ADs with more relevant ADs that’s make sense for your viewers located in a specific region. Take advantage of local business and increase revenue!

In-streams ADs cannot be skipped :), little annoying as a viewer!

We will keep you posted on the beta release dates soon. For more information contact sales at

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